DIY succulent kit


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This DIY succulent kit includes two pots, two succulents, and all the supplies that you'll need to assemble your succulent arrangements at home. We supply the soil, rocks, and moss to go on top! 

Let's talk about how to assemble your succulent arrangement! 

1. Fill your pot half way with soil. Don't pack it down, just fill it in! 

2. Remove your succulent from the plastic growers pot. If it feels secure in the pot, squeeze the sides to loosen it up. 

3. Before placing your succulent in the pot, loosen up the roots and pull off any crunchy soil. 

4. Place your succulent in your pot and fill in the sides and top with soil. Make sure to pack it down so your succulent isn't too wobbly! 

5. Once your soil is packed down and your succulent is secure, use your rocks and moss to decorate your soil. 

6. You're done!!! Good job. Now you want to put your succulent in a bright sunny area and give it water every 2-3 weeks when the soil is completely dried out.